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Wedifun | Mobile quiz for your wedding celebration

Looking at original ideas for your wedding celebration ?

Wedifun allows you to create a fun quiz and organize a challenge between guests for an unforgettable party .

More than 200 example questions are available

In need of a little inspiration ? You have access to a large bank of questions classified by subject and popularity .
You can also inspire yourself with the ideas that other couples share every day on our Facebook page.

3 steps for an unforgettable event

1. Quiz creation

Design amusing questions from the hundreds of available examples.

2. Challenge between guests

Throughout the evening your guests talk, laugh and answer questions on their phone.

3. Award for the winners

At the end of the game you provide the answers, announce the quiz winners and offer them a pleasant gift.

A quiz is simple and always functional.

Your guests converse, laugh and have a great time.
It is for this reason that Wedifun has already been used by more than 400 couples in over 10 countries.

A simple service, a custom game

  • Easy to use

    Our intuitive interface allows you to create your quiz in very short period of time and without any prior technical knowledge .

  • Illustrated questions

    You can use images from our library or your own pictures to illustrate each question.

  • Customized mobile application

    You can choose the colors of the application and enter custom messages for your guests.

  • Accessible on all mobile phones

    Your quiz is accessible on both our iPhone and Android applications as well as through any mobile browser.

  • Available in several languages

    Wedifun is presently available in 6 languages. Other languages are currently being integrated.

  • No limitations

    Unlimited number of participants. Unlimited number of questions. Unlimited laughter.

Not convinced , the best is to try

Start your free quiz, this doesn't commit you to anything.
In any case, you can have fun as a couple answering the questions that we have offered.

1 complet service, 1 single price

$ 59.95

Free quiz creations, without any obligations.
You only pay if you decide to open the quiz with your guests.
More than 200 example questions
Picture illustrations library
Results and player ranking
Unlimited number of questions
Unlimited number of participants.

Secured payment